Make your productivity count!

Doingly helps you focus better whilst raising money on your behalf for charities in need. The more you focus on a task the more money you raise for a cause of your choice.

About Doingly

Doingly helps you stay focused on a task whilst simultaneously raising money for charity on your behalf

We live in a world where stress is common and is often inevitable and if not managed well, this stress can lead to unproductivity. There are many good causes that are in need of financial aid but are often overlooked.

  • Prevent Procrastination

    Doingly prevents you from getting distracted by not allowing you to escape the app when completing a 25-minute session.

  • Enable Positive Change

    Get the gratifying feeling of contributing to charities whilst ticking things off your own to-do list

  • Boost Motivation Levels

    The combination of increasing your productivity and contributing to charity will surely increase your motivation


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Users love Doingly for keeping them focused!

Doingly has the tools you need to enhance your experience and stay productive

Pomodoro Timer

Focus sessions are split into 25-minute chunks, giving you the flexibility to take a 5-minute break in between.


Get that competitive edge and compete with fellow users on who can do the most Doinglys.

Raise money for Charity

Each Doingly is converted into monetary donations for a charity of your choice

Group Doinglys

Raise money for charity together! Doingly groups lets you and your colleagues, friends or family to focus together.


How does Doingly work?

Doingly allows you to increase your productivity and make a difference in society in three simple steps!

Charities on Doingly

Doingly is currently supporting a range of charities which you can choose to support who all have a unique focus.

Charity profiles are split into categories which are:

Health Charities: Having good health is a fundamental human right. Make your efforts count towards supporting the sick and disabled as well as medical researchers. 

Helping the Less Fortunate: Contribute your efforts to charity causes which lend a helping hand to those who are without a home and disadvantaged 

Social Justice: Put your Doinglys to use in delivering justice and social support. 

Empowering through Education: Pave the way for students of all ages to have access to educational services so they may find their love for learning and unlock their full potential.

Environment & Animal Welfare: Convert your productivity into promoting the protection and welfare of animals and the preservation of the world we live in

Do Doinglys

A Doingly is essentially a 25-minute interval which you complete by focusing on a task (studying or working) followed by a 5-minute break


The whole idea of working in intervals is based on the Pomodoro Study Technique which was discovered by Francesco Cirillo in the late 1980s


Benefits of working in intervals:

  • Eases you into large amounts of work 
  • Manages distractions
  • Maintains motivation
  • Decreases mental fatigue and burn outs 
  • Allows you to focus

Your Contributions

Each charity profile’s fundraiser has a target amount which requires a set amount of Doinglys to complete by users.


Once the target amount is met, 100% of all fundraiser money will be donated by sponsors to the respective charity.


If your company is interested in sponsoring a fundraiser to support a charity and market your brand, then please get in touch with us on


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Doingly is free at no cost to you

Doingly is free to download! All the money you raise from Doingly contributions comes from our sponsors!


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The team behind Doingly have worked tireless hours to bring our vision to life! We hope that Doingly will make a positive impact for our users, sponsors and charities.


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Thank you for downloading Doingly and contributing your efforts to making the world a better place! We hope you have a productive time with us!


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